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Why Device Monitoring is so Valuable and Important

We recently had a project for a new client where we were merging two offices together for consolidation purposes. After the consolidation phase was complete, we sat down with the owner to discuss ongoing support plans.

He asked if we could simply do quarterly or semi-annual plans as opposed to monthly. We explained that we cannot do our best work when we are not maintaining systems on an ongoing basis. This is the only way to be proactive and prevent issues from occurring.

So, I sat down with the owner and educated him on the benefits of our remote monitoring and support services. The first thing that came to mind for him was, “Wow, that is a lot of money.” He decided to think about it and consult with his business partners.

A few weeks later, we reconnected and he said that he wanted to be quoted on just anti-virus and security updates, forgoing the monitoring. He decided the monitoring wasn’t necessary since things shouldn’t break if he didn’t change or update anything, which was his plan.

As he was reviewing the updated quote with his business partners, we received a call from his office stating there was a PC blocking users from opening their line of business applications. Keep in mind that the client was not on any support agreement. Thus, we had not been proactively monitoring his systems.

We tried to remotely access the computer to diagnose the issue but could not get in. Due to there being no support agreement in place, the soonest we could make it out was 2 days later.

Upon arrival, we immediately noticed the hard drive was completely full with zero space remaining. After cleaning up some storage and rebooting the PC, we got the computer back online. From there, we had to diagnose the application that caused this issue in the first place.Disk Full

After this episode of downtime was resolved, we contacted the owner and explained our findings. We went on to share that if monitoring was enabled, we would have caught the low disk space issue 30 days earlier and started to remedy the issue. Since no monitoring was in place, the PC was offline for two days which cost them real money in lost productivity and needless frustration.

This is just one example of why we now require all clients to be on a monthly plan. Yes, it’s good for us to have clients that use us continually, but it’s even better for our clients who can anticipate having computers that work the way they should day in and day out. That’s a good feeling.