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Milpitas IT Consulting Company

Milpitas IT Consulting Company

JT Solutions is an IT Consulting Firm providing IT services to small businesses in Milpitas, CA and surrounding areas. Our services and solutions include:

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Are you a small business in Milpitas that needs help with your IT?

Why choose JT Solutions?

We are a small business ourselves, we understand the value of having problem free network.  We make it a personal responsibility to ensure your network uptime is maximized.  The more network downtime and staff in-efficiency you occur, the more money you are pouring down the drain.

We are a Small Business IT consulting firm serving Milpitas, Ca. We specialize in Small Business IT Infrastructure needs such as: Servers, Network, Hardware, Helpdesk, Project Management and more.  As a trusted technology partner, you can be assured your network running lean and mean while being efficient and cost effective.

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Who have we helped?

Our Clientele includes Dental Offices, Law Offices, Real Estate Offices, Financial Offices, Wholesalers, Machine Shops, Non Profit Organizations, and many businesses in Milpitas.  We have enjoyed great success with these markets due to our excellent customer service, attentiveness and quality IT consulting.


 What do we do?

Our goal is relieve your unneeded IT stress by being your 24/7 IT Support.

  • Ensure your Line of Business software is running properly.
  • Set up and properly maintain your network infrastructure.
  • Install and manage all your software updates
  • Centrally manage and monitor your Anti-Virus software.

See what our clients have to say…

How can you have a business with all five-stars review, not to mention an IT business when it is so frustrating to deal with computer issues to begin with!  Because you have Jimmy!

We are a small business who have a monthly service contract with Jimmy. We have been using him for two months and he delivers again and again!  He is very honest and on top of issues. Very responsive when we have problems.

He is a true IT expert, never thought your question or problem is stupid.  

We hope to use him long term as an IT support for our business.

Ann L.

Dentist, Santa Teresa Dental

Best IT solution I’ve discovered! All the other ones I’ve found were not as prompt, and friendly as Jimmy was.

He did a great job on revamping our old internal network and got the job done.  Even with slight hiccups in the set up due to hardware and software compatibility (not his fault), he stuck through it and got it done properly.

I will highly recommend him from any IT consultation you need.

Quincy L.

Sales Director, Tumbler Corp

About 6 months ago, I took my laptop to JTS.
It was not starting up properly; and I was flying out the next day.
Jimmy and Jacob, resolved my problem, in a timely manner.
They installed the software, and saved me from a disaster.

Yesterday, (6 months later), I took another laptop – as it was refusing to start up.
Jimmy was getting ready to go home, and he said he would look at it at home, and let me know..
15 min. later, he called me, and said it was ready for pick up.
Yes, it was done!
And guess what.. he said “no charge”!!
Wow!!! These days you rarely hear such things…

If you have a computer problem, it is worth the drive to Milpitas….
Trust Jimmy!!

Dr. Errol Wirasinghe

CEO, XpertUS.com

See how we can reduce your headaches and let you concentrate on growing your business!

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