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Why Device Monitoring is so Valuable and Important

We recently had a project for a new client where we were merging two offices together for consolidation purposes. After the consolidation phase was complete, we sat down with the owner to discuss ongoing support plans. He asked if we could simply do quarterly or... read more

WannaCry Ransomware

As you have probably heard, a new ransomware, WannaCry, has infected many computers throughout the world, with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan as some of the main targets. Over 200,000 victims have been affected in more than 150 Countries since Friday. The exploit actually... read more

Did Microsoft really call you?

Recently, there have been a few clients that reported receiving calls from “Microsoft” telling them there is something wrong with their system.  Do you thing Microsoft will really call you to tell you something has failed on your computer? This is a scam, do not fall... read more